The new business card for companies
is the presence on the web!

MattinaGroup, creates innovative websites (static, dynamic, Ecommerce), in Sicily and Italy, easily navigable, accessible, clear and intuitive with an engaging design that adapts to any device.
The creation of an Ecommerce site provides a synergy with the customer and his awareness of entering an expanding market.

MattinaGroup creates the website tailored for you!


Seo positioning strategies.

We carry out Seo campaigns in Sicily and Italy in order to improve the positioning of YOUR company website. STUDYING AND ELABORATING, the right strategies for SEO positioning, focusing on the search trend, data analysis and choice of keywords that bring more traffic to the site. Our goal, without false magic wands in reality, will be to integrate organic SEO with the right Seo Actions and Campaigns, which will improve the positioning of the WEBSITE on the main search engines, and therefore easy to be found by users.


We build the right image
to your company

We design and implement graphic ideas to build the brand of companies, from logos, office solutions, catalogs, flyers, brochures, flyers, posters, 3D renderings, magazines, newspapers, in order to create the coordinating image of the companies.

  • Graphics for corporate events: conferences, meetings, congresses and fairs.
  • Packaging and graphics applied to the product: Packaging, packs, labels, displays, promotional material, gadgets, customized clothing, etc.
  • Web and social graphics: we develop ad hoc graphics for Web and social networks (Facebook, Instagram etc.).


Behind the success of a company there is
a good marketing strategy

MattinaGroup aims to transform users into customers. We plan the right Marketing and Communication strategy ad hoc for the business of companies, transforming investments into tangible results.

Meeting, Project Analysis, Project Elaboration, Analysis of the objectives achieved are some of the phases of a good Marketing and Communication Plan.


We build relationships and potential customers for your business

MattinaGroup deals with the professional management of social media, which is now essential to make the company, its products and services known.

We start from the analysis of the Brand, we define the company objectives together with the customer, we identify the social channels (Facebook, Instagram etc ..) most suitable for the Customer’s business, we define the editorial plan and proceed to the creation of the contents, we design Advertising Campaigns by defining the target audience, we analyze the results obtained.


We build the success of the retail / affiliation project
through dedicated advice

We accompany companies towards the organization of efficient, performing and highly profitable shops. We study every aspect of the Brand, defining actions and strategies for increasing conversions within the stores.

We build the success of the retail / affiliation project through personalized and flexible consultancy, from the design of the store layout to the consultancy, marketing and communication actions that are needed for the management of the store.


Design and implement the tailor-made project for the customer
satisfying your needs while respecting the established budget

We carry out interior design, architectural design, 3D DESIGN and layout design of shops or commercial activities, thanks to the collaboration with the “Architecture Studio Ylenia Cordaro Design”, in order to help customers build the house or commercial activity of their dreams.

Commercial renovations are dynamic and complex jobs, which require a fast timing, coordination of works. Maximum coordination of the workers employed, a design aimed at realizing the customer’s needs in compliance with the pre-established deadlines and budget is required.


Dem (Direct E-mail Marketing) campaigns
in order to build customer loyalty

MattinaGroup takes care of managing Dem (Direct E-mail Marketing) Campaigns with clear and simple messages, with an image integrated with the style and colors of the company to convey the promotion of a product or to increase the awareness that a user has of company itself. A fascinating design and interesting text to prevent the e-mail from inevitably ending up in the trash.

We also manage and coordinate SMS campaigns, an excellent tool for branding, advertising and customer loyalty.

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